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Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil Review

As a very oily skinned person, I have always been terrified of using oils. I assumed that as I produce so much oil already, adding more onto my skin would clog my skin and break me out, but oh boy was I wrong!

Enter Pai's Rosehip Oil! This fantastical wonder that contains fruit and seed oil has not only helped my skin since I have been using it but it has started to clear up years of acne scarring in mere weeks. I started using the oil after I received a travel size version in the incredible collaboration box between Pai X Lookfantastic. I want to do a separate post on that box as I love it so much so today I will just stick to the oil itself.

I began introducing the oil into my routine in the evenings on top of my moisturiser. A couple of drops is what I started out with and now I use around 4 drops and find the oil so moisturising that I often skip the moisturiser and use this by itself or on top of a serum. It works incredibly well on top of the Pai perfect balance blemish serum if you suffer with breakouts like me.

The packaging is also very luxe with a heavy matte glass bottle. I recently purchased this full size version after finishing the travel size.

How it is made:

Pai state that the oil is sourced 'via supercritical extraction (a more expensive but gentler process than cold-pressing) to ensure a fresher, long-lasting blend of Rosehip Fruit and Seed oil, the deeply conditioning formula helps to restore balance and improve the appearance of sensitive skin. Rich in Omegas to help regenerate without irritation, the luxurious, deep orange oil is packed with more benefits than cold-pressed Rosehip Seed oil; it delivers skin healing properties and protective antioxidants to defend against damaging environmental aggressors.'

The biggest surprise I have had since using the oil is that my skin has actually started to produce a lot less oil and my makeup is staying on better and longer which I am so pleased with. As I used a lot of strong skincare products in the past, it was drying my skin out so my skin was overproducing oil to compensate for the dryness. As this oil is so gentle, I wake up with soft supple glowy skin and I cannot wait to continue using this oil and seeing the results and improvement of my scarring.

I got the oil from Lookfantastic. It retails for £24 for 30ML and is available to purchase HERE.

Have any of you tried this incredible Rosehip oil? Let me know down below.

See you on the next one,

Max xoxo

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