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Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blue Blood Palette Review

Jeffree Star Cosmetics brought out their Blue Blood collection and I was lucky enough to get my hands on the Blue Blood palette!

Colour Story

Now anyone who likes JSC will know that their colour schemes are out there. I personally love colour, as I do a lot of colourful looks on my instagram and YouTube channel, so I was very happy to see this colour story when Jeffree posted the reveal video.

Here is a photo I took when the palette arrived and as you can see it is GORGEOUS. There is a mix of different blues and greens with a few neutrals chucked in there which are perfect for the less brave or people who just want to create neutral day looks! These shades are perfect for transitioning into the colourful shades as well. I personally love the shimmer shades particularly entitled and ocean ice.

Pigmentation and blend-ability

Now if anyone has tried and loved the JSC Blood Sugar palette then you will feel right at home with Blue Blood. The formula is the same and that is a very good thing. These shadows blend beautifully. The mattes are the creamiest I have tried and the shimmers very easy to apply.

I also love how versatile these shadows can be! Try Cullinan and Crystal Flesh as a highlight, or in the inner order/brow bone! They work perfectly this way. The only thing to watch out for in this palette is the chunkier cut shimmers such as ocean ice have a bit more fallout, so beware of this. To combat it, put some powder under your eyes to catch it or do your eyes first before your base.

This is the first look I created with Blue Blood!

Final Thoughts

Now, I am struggling to think of any cons to this palette apart from the price point. Naturally, with a brand like JSC the name comes with a price. This palette costs £45 here in the UK. However, the quality makes the price justifiable for me, and I am very pleased with my purchase. If you want to take a look at the palette it is available to purchase HERE.

Has anyone got their hands on this palette and if so what do you think? Let me know down below in the comments.

I have posted my full YouTube review below, so if you want a longer review and to see how all the shadows performed then have a watch :

Take care everyone and I will see you on the next one,

Max xoxo

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