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Image I Conceal Flawless Foundation Review

When makeup and skincare combine it can be a beautiful thing.

I am a huge makeup lover, but sometimes I wonder what certain products are doing to our skin, especially in the long term.

When I heard Image - which are one of my absolute favourite skincare brands, were bringing out a foundation, I knew I needed to get my hands on it. I got introduced to image skincare after years of experiencing bad adult acne. A lot of people think that acne is a teenage thing that you grow out of which can certainly sometimes be the case, however a lot of people can develop adult acne as they get older which is what happened to me.

After a lot of skin struggles I visited a lovely skin clinic local to me, and I was started on Image products. They really helped to calm down my skin and get it more under control. The foundation that they have released is designed with skin health in mind, and contains so many skin loving ingredients that it can be applied after facials and cosmetic procedures to cover redness and any concerns people may have to keep you feeling confident and without ruining any of the amazing benefits from the facial/treatment.

What are the claims?

Image claim that the "full-coverage mineral foundation blends seamlessly into the skin, offering a customisable finish with the benefits of broad-spectrum SPF 30." I have to admit I am a fan of a mineral foundation especially as someone who suffers from skin issues as I find it is a lot less likely to clog my skin. This foundation applies beautifully and it contains an SPF which is always a plus. As this is a product from a skincare brand I actually enjoy applying it with my fingers, (hear me out) I find that this way it blends with the skin flawlessly and a lot of the skin benefits are reaching my skin properly and not wasted on brush bristles or a beauty sponge.

And wow we NEED to talk about coverage! This foundation is actually FULL coverage! But it still somehow manages to maintain a natural, healthy look. Finish wise, I would say that it is glowy, without looking oily. I opt to set it with a translucent powder so it lasts all day on my very oily skin. I also love the way this lasts on the skin. With a lot of my foundations, they start to break down around my nose and chin after a few hours no matter what primer or setting spray I use, and it can be very obvious when it breaks down. With this Image foundation I find that it lasts very well and even in my extremely oily areas, it doesn't separate and stays looking nice for a longer time.

This foundation retails for £45 and contains 28g of product. The usual amount of foundation in a bottle or tube is normally 30g so it is 2g less. However, considering the amount of "Plant stem cells, antioxidants and skin-conditioning botanicals" that this foundation contains I would definitely say the price tag is justified. In fact yesterday I ordered my second tube and am looking forward to continuing to use it.

The foundation is available from Image directly HERE. I will attach a picture below of me with the foundation applied so you can see the finish on my skin.

Image Foundation - Shade Beige

I hope you guys enjoyed this review and if you have tried this foundation out or want to try it then let me know your thoughts down below.

See you on the next one,

Max xoxo


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