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How to stop those pesky razor bumps.

I had suffered from razor bumps for as long as I remember. It became such an insecurity of mine that I tried to shave as little as possible. Even if I didn't like the look of being messy, it was better to me than having dozens of pesky bumps all over my face and neck from shaving. However low and behold, I found a way to stop these razor bumps from forming and I have never looked back.

What causes razor bumps?

Essentially, razor bumps are formed from ingrown hairs that start to form after you shave. It is caused by the hairs growing into the skin rather than up and out.

How to stop them forming?

Let's start with the blades. Now if you are someone like me with extremely sensitive skin then I would highly recommend getting a single blade razor. This definitely has it's advantages, one being that single blade razors are the cheapest you can buy costing around £1 for 10/15 blades in your local supermarket/drugstore.

Having less blades means that the times the razor will glide across your skin is much less than if you used something like a 5 blade razors. Don't be sucked in by the fancy packaging and higher price tag. In my case, you get what you pay for doesn't necessarily count in this instance. I personally go for the single blade disposable Bic razors. And as you use a new blade each time, there is no bacteria being re-introduced from the blade.

If you used a 5 blade razor and shaved with the grain 2 times then that means technically it is 10 passes of a razor against your skin because of the amount of blades, which will aggravate your skin a lot more than if you used a single blade razor and shaved with the grain twice, which is only 2 passes against the skin compared to 10.

The next thing which is extremely important is to use a good shaving cream/oil. I personally prefer creams to oils and I would not recommend a foaming product as those can dry out your skin a lot and aggravate it further. I use the #omorovicza soothing shave cream and it is hands down the best shaving cream I have ever tried, and is specifically designed to combat razor bumps.

It contains the soothing properties of Hungarian minerals from the thermal springs and camphor and menthol for a cooling shave. I get mine from Lookfantastic HERE. And don't forget you can use my code 'MAX20' for 20% off a lot of products on the site.

NOW, here is the trick which has helped me completely get rid of the pesky bumps, Salicylic Acid!! I read about this miracle ingredient helping and since I have introduced it into my routine, I have not suffered with razor bumps at all! There are many different types of salicylic acid you can use and all do the same thing so feel free to choose a strength which works for you. I personally love using the Omorovicza Midnight radiance mask which contains salicylic acid and sand lily extract. I like to apply this after I shave every 2-3 days and when I wake up I am visibly brighter and razor bump free!

Shaving is no longer a chore!

I now look forward to shaving instead of dreading it because of the consequences it would have on my skin. If you are someone who suffers from razor bumps I would love to know if this worked for you as well! Or if you have any tips that you have found worked for you then pop them below so we can all see them.

Until next time,

Max xoxo

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