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Beauty Bay Evolve Eyeshadow Palette Review

Last week I was lucky enough to receive the Beauty Bay Evolve palette and I could not wait to sit down and get playing. This palette is my first experience with the Beauty Bay eyeshadow formula and I've heard good things but was interested to see how it would hold up against my favourite formulas from the likes of Jeffree Star Cosmetics and Morphe.

Colour Story

Before we get in depth with the formula let's start with the colour story. For only £25, you are getting 42 different shades of eyeshadow!! That is a lot of shadows for the price. I really enjoy the colour story as well. There is a lot of neutral shades which can be used for soft glam looks or transition colours but if you want to venture in to some really colourful looks, that is possible too with some dark greens and reds and quite a few icy metallic shades. A couple of the metallics also have a very nice duo chrome shift to them which really pop on the eye.

The way the shades are displayed is another feature that really impressed me as well. There are 7 rows which are designed as a step by step to create a complete look. For example if you went for row 3 you have a colour for - 'base,' 'transition,' 'crease,' 'liner,' 'pop,' and 'highlight.' This is especially helpful for those who are just starting out with eyeshadow and aren't sure where to put which colours. It is a layout that I have never seen before with another brand and I really like that fact that they displayed it this way.

As far as packaging goes, I really enjoy how this looks and feels. It is weighty and feels well made. The glossy material that houses the eyeshadows looks great too. I was particularly happy to see a mirror included. It is big enough that I would be comfortable taking this as my only mirror to get ready with when I am travelling.


Now I have tried quite a few eyeshadow formulas over the years and I was honestly shocked at how well these performed. The matts are extremely pigmented and blend well, and the shimmers are buttery and really pop. I would say the formula holds up with my favourites from other brands and being by far the most affordable this really impressed me.


As I mentioned previously, this palette retails for £25 which in my opinion is an absolute BARGAIN. For the quality, formula and sheer amount of shades you are getting a lot of your money here. I cannot wait to continue experimenting with the palette and coming up with new looks. The palette is available HERE.

I will put a look below which I created with this palette. If you want to see more of my looks you can follow me on Instagram.

Beauty Bay also do a lot of other palettes with different colour stories and I hope to try those out in the future and review them for you guys to see how they compare with the Evolve palette.

Have you tried this palette out? What did you think of it. Let me know down below.

Thanks for stopping by and I will see you one the next one,

Max xoxo

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